What is the "Facilities" section?

UptimeHealth allows you to manage multiple facilities on its platform. There is a section that allows you to manage those facilities, store information, and easily see the devices and tasks that belong to each facility.

Facilities Section:

To add, access, or update your facilities in the UptimeHealth platform, you select "Facilities" on the left-hand menu.

Screen Shot 2021-07-22 at 12.07.41 PM

After selecting the Facilities section, you will see a list of all the facilities in your system in a table view. You will also see the following columns for each facility:

  • Facility ID - a unique identifier that is automatically generated by the UptimeHealth system
  • Facility - the name you have assigned to the facility when you first added it to the system.
  • Address - the address associated with the facility
  • Days/Hours - if you assigned hours of operations to your facility, it will display here
  • Areas - the number of areas you created for the facility
  • Devices - the number of devices assigned to the facility
  • Tasks - the number of tasks assigned to the facility
  • Location - the map of the facility based on the address provided

Facility Record

After selecting a facility in the Facilities section, you will then see the overview and record of the information for that specific facility.

Facility Record

There are multiple sections in each facility record:

  • General Information - the top section stores the general information of the facility (i.e. name, image, address, map, operating hours).
  • Documents - in the middle part of the record, there is a section that displays all of the documents you have uploaded and assigned to that specific facility (i.e. lease agreements).
  • Areas - the bottom section shows all of the areas you have created for the facility in a tabular fashion. By clicking on a specific area, you can view the type of area, the devices assigned to the area, and whether there are any scheduled or incomplete tasks.

If you want to edit or add to any of this information, you can review our article that covers how to update a facility.