How do I view and complete tasks that are overdue/pending?

You can quickly view and complete documentation on a task that is overdue/pending in both the "Tasks" Run and Compliance Sections.

Viewing and Completing Tasks that are Overdue: 

The details below will outline how to view and complete documentation on tasks that are pending with a due date more than 48 hours in the past.

Tasks - Compliance Section

1. Select the Tasks Tab

2. Select the Compliance Tab

3. Select the facility you are wanting to review tasks 

4. Select the Date or Range of dates

5. Select "Pending"

6. Here you can browse through pending tasks that are both still within your due timeframe OR that are overdue and highlighted in red. 

  • You can go in to each pending task by selecting the blue check mark in the row associated with each task. 
  • These task will show they were completed on the date you are currently completing them BUT you can make documentation in the notes section to show the reason for documentation being done on a different date. 

Tasks - Run Section

1. Select the Tasks Tab

2. Select Run

3. Select the "Filter" button on the top right hand side of your platform. 

4. Select "Type" Task To Be Completed

5. Select "Date Due"

  • Tasks Due Yesterday and Today
  • Tasks due this week
  • Tasks due this month and next month

6. Click Search - This will allow you to scroll through the overdue section based on the criteria you selected in the filter options. 

NOTE: If you are trying to search for a task due prior to the current month, it is best to use the compliance section to complete this search.