How do I build and assign tasks in Builder?

You can build custom, recurring tasks in Builder. You can build a task, assign it to a user or group of users, and associate the task item to either a specific device or area within your facility.

Video: Building Tasks

Watch the video below to walk you through step by step how to build a task using Tasks - Builder.

Step by Step: Building Tasks

Follow the steps below to build a task in Builder:

  1. Select Tasks from the left-hand menu.
    Run Task 2-15-22
  2. Select "Builder" (you will only have this option if you are an admin or manager)
  3. Click on the "Task" icon from the toolbar on the right-hand side. Hold down and drag the icon and drop it in the appropriate column.
    Task Creation 2-15-22
    1. Daily - build a task that repeats each day
    2. Weekly - build a task that repeats each week
    3. Monthly - build a task that repeats each month
  4. A task pop-up window will appear. Begin to fill out the appropriate information.
    Task Creation 2 2-15-22
    1. Task Name - the title of the task.
    2. Task Description - the description of the task to be completed.
    3. Sub Task (optional) - click on the plus button to add sub-tasks for the user.
    4. Supporting Documents (optional) - attach any supporting documents (.pdf) that you would like the assigned user to see.
    5. Due Date - when is the first date you would like this task to be run.
    6. Due Time - what time should this task be completed by.
    7. Task Repeats Every - how often the task will repeat.
    8. User - what individual user is assigned to this task. (-OR-) Group - what group of users is assigned to this task.
    9. Facility - what facility does this task belong to.
    10. Device - what device does this task belong to. (-OR-) Area - what area is this task associated with.
  5. When you are done, click "Save".